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This deviation was deleted

This is wonderful! I really like the dramatic tone and overall "feel" of the work. It highlights an interesting perspective that is nice to hear.

I gave your poem a 5 for vision because you've demonstrated an understanding of other viewpoints and has a forward cast, a feeling of something bigger.

I gave it a 4 for originality because, while it's a very rare topic, it has been covered in similar terms before. The form is very original and nice to hear, so props to you!

I gave it a 4.5 for technique because it's very blunt, but otherwise simply and plainly states things in a nice order and appeals to emotion in such a way that it's a pleasant read.

I gave it a 5 for just how touching it was and I can see how it might be eye-opening for some people.

I tried to grade objectively, but I must say - I really liked reading this. The perspective it gives is very reassuring in the sense that there's hope that future generations will be more respectful of others. :)
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